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Biograd na Moru (Biograd by the Sea) is located 30km south of Zadar in the Pasman inlet with its beautiful beaches, pine forests and sunshine coves. On the northern side of Biograd na Moru lies the Bosan inlet and on the southern side lies the Soline inlet where there are large public sandy beaches surrounded by pine forests. Right in front of Biograd are the islands of Planac and St. Katherine.
What makes Biograd na Moru an exceptional tourist destination are its beautiful natural surroundings which include the nearby National Park Kornati, the National Park Krka and the Natural park Lake Vransko which is known for its fishing culture and hunting of marsh birds.
Tourism in Biograd is growing. Accommodation includes apartments and rooms in private homes, hotels, and campsites. Along with the hotels, apartments, and rooms, guests can enjoy dining in one of many of Biograd’s restaurants which serve wonderful homemade as well as international cuisine.
Biograd na Moru most likely originated from the ancient ruins of Blandon. It was first mentioned in the 10th century. Under the rule of Croatian leaders, Biograd na Moru was a parish, and then later became a city of royalty. Biograd is surrounded by antiquities from Croatia's past such as documents which mention churches, monasteries and castles.
Around the year 1050, King Petar Kresimir established a diocese in Biograd na Moru and built a male and female Benedictine monastery as well as the church of St. Ivan. Preserved were also the ruins of Villae Rusticae which are dated from the roman era. Another fascinating attraction is a shipwreck which was found off the coast of Biograd on which objects were found that date back to the 16th and 17th century.
Biograd na Moru is known to sailors and fans of nautical tourism that set the Kornati archipelagos their destination. Regattas, sailing and diving courses as well as other nautical activities are organised throughout the whole year. The marina in Biograd fits 500 boats and yachts off shore and 200 ties.
As you can see, Biograd na Moru is the perfect place for visitors who love nature, sun, sand and sea and most of all, sailing into the sunset.


Holiday houses, villas with pool Biograd - Luxury villa with pool, holiday home for rent